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Opinion Pieces


Moms must pay attention to the child tax credit                                 Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 3/10/22

Addressing threat of gun violence during at-Home isolation        Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, 4/28/20

What will be our next moonshot?                                                                  Huntsville, AL 8/5/19

What did we do over summer vacation to protect our children? Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 9/8/18

President's budget lacks compassion for hungry Americans       Jewish Light    St. Louis, MO 3/15/18

A tax plan for the rich, paid for by kids and working families         Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 12/14/17

Let's resolve to save the lives of children                                                Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 2/7/17

We need strategic acts of kindness                                                         Jewish Light     St. Louis, MO 2/1/17 

Measles: Not just a metaphor for personal choice                             Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 2/10/15

Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday                                                        TribLocal          Morton Grove, IL 6/4/12


Select Letters to the Editor ​

Food insecurity                                                                            West Newsmagazine, St. Louis, MO 6/3/24

Press Congress to protect SNAP                                         St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 5/30/24                                          

Lawmakers need to back global health measures      Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 5/27/24

Congress should support international immunization Phelps County Focus, Rolla, MO 2/21/24 

U.S. humanitarian funding also protects national security St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 2/20/24

Plague case is reminder that funding vaccines still critical Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 2/15/24

Rent tax credit program would reduce homelessness St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 12/24/23

Child tax credit needs to be expanded                           Phelps County Focus, Rolla, MO 12/13/23

Support reauthorization of the READ Act                      Joplin Globe Joplin, MO 10/19/23

Access to nutritional food                                                      Webster-Kirkwood Times Webster Groves, MO 8/14/23

STL D.C. delegation should support funding SNAP    St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 8/10/23

Congress needs to fully fund SNAP program               Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 8/4/23

Global issue needs attention—and action                     St. Louis Jewish Light 6/21/23

Tuberculosis requires bold action                                       News-Tribune  Tacoma, WA 5/27/23

Congress needs moms' empathy                                       Las Vegas Sun Las Vegas, NV 5/25/23

Farm bill could build more equitable food systems     Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 5/23/23

Expand the SNAP food aid program                                 HeraldNET, Everett, WA 5/21/23

Reject House Cuts to anti-poverty program                  Southern Illinoisan, Carbondale, IL 5/20/23

Shopping smart isn't going to solve food insecurity   Deseret News, Salt Lake City, UT 5/19/23

Let's do more to 'stamp out hunger'                                 West Newsmagazine, St. Louis, MO 5/17/23

Support legislation to improve global health                Joplin Globe Joplin, MO 5/15/23

Time for Congress to make poor families a priority    Los Angeles Times 5/15/23

Don't cut anti-poverty programs                                        Phelps County Focus, Rolla, MO 5/12/23

Keep the momentum going to fight HIV/AIDS              Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 3/29/23

Restore focus & resources to global TB fight                St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 3/21/23

Let's ease the burden of buying food in the U.S.         Joplin Globe Joplin, MO3/21/23

Hearing student voices in the Capitol                              St. Louis Jewish Light 2/9/23

Bring back Child Tax Credit                                                  Webster-Kirkwood Times Webster Groves, MO 1/23/23

It's time for Congress to support Child Tax Credit       Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 1/17/23

New members should support global health                Joplin Globe Joplin, MO 1/12/23

Thanks, Sen. Blunt                                                                     Kansas City Star  Kansas City, MO 12/11/22

Before retiring, Blunt should back the CTC                    St. Louis Post Dispatch St. Louis, MO 12/10/22

No corporate tax breaks unless CTC passes              Joplin Globe Joplin, MO 11/27/22

Senate should make child tax law permanent             St. Louis Post Dispatch 10/7/22

Congress should make child tax credit permanent   Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 9/30/22

Better nutrition helps fight preventable deaths           St. Louis Post Dispatch St. Louis, MO 7/22/22

We must act now for undernourished infants              Joplin Globe Joplin, MO 5/25/22

Fight hunger                                                                               Kansas City Star Kansas City, MO 5/25/22

Legislation might help solve baby formula problems St. Louis Post Dispatch 5/24/22

Restore tax credit                                                                     Webster-Kirkwood Times Webster Groves, MO 4/25/22

Fight tuberculosis                                                                     Kansas City Star  Kansas City, MO 4/14/22

Anti-mandate crown inconsiderate                                  St. Louis Post Dispatch   St. Louis, MO 2/25/22 

Senators should increase support for global health Southern Illinoisan  Carbondale, IL 2/11/22

Congress should put children first                                    St. Louis American   St. Louis, MO 2/10/22

Billy Long urged to join global intiative                            Joplin Globe   Joplin, MO 2/9/22

Vaccinate the World                                                               Chicago Sun-Times  Chicago, IL 2/7/22

Support bill to "save millions of lives"                               Webster-Kirkwood Times  Webster Groves, MO 12/20/21

Vaccination is best way to protect families                  Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 11/29/21

Grateful for booster shot while in Salida                        Mountain Guide  Salida, CO 11/26/21

Global immunization of children long overdue            St. Louis American  St. Louis, MO 11/18/21

Funds needed to boost global vaccination efforts    St. Louis Jewish Light  St. Louis, MO 11/17/21

Show empathy and fund global vaccine programs  St. Louis Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 11/16/21

Fund global immunization effort                                        Joplin Globe  Joplin, MO 11/13/21

Remember children around the world                            Southern Illinoisan  Carbondale, IL  11/12/21       

Fully fund global immunization programs                     Bakersfield Californian Bakersfield, CA 11/12/21

Now, deliver vaccines                                                             Santa Fe New Mexican  Santa Fe, NM 6/13/21

Story highlights struggle for low-income renters       St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis 5/27/21

Additional Assistance                                                            Chicago Sun-Times  Chicago, IL 5/25/21

US must suspend its Covid-19 vaccine patents        The Financial Times  London, England 4/20/21

Global Good                                                                               Kansas City Star  Kansas City, MO 4/19/21

Regarding Missouri's Vaccination Rollout                    West Newsmagazine St. Louis, MO 3/24/21

Regarding Missouri's Vaccination Rollout                   Mid Rivers Newsmagazine St. Louis, MO 3/23/21

Congress should join global response to COVID-19  Columbia Missourian Columbia, MO 3/4/21

Wisconsin officials should support funding                The Cap Times  Madison, WI 2/28/21
COVID-19 requires global, US response                      Joplin Globe   Joplin, MO 2/22/21

COVID-19 relief law should just be downpayment   St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis, MO 12/29/20

COVID-19 aid needed now                                                 St. Louis American  St. Louis, MO 12/13/20

Vaccine is not a magic bullet                                             Southern Illinoisan  Carbondale, IL 12/11/20 

Congressional reps need to boost aid package       Missourian  Columbia, MO 12/10/20 

We mustn't forget world's poor                                         IndyStar  Indianapolis, IN 12/10/20

Blunt, Hawley should support COVID-19 relief          Joplin Globe   Joplin, MO 12/9/20

Long road for impoverished nations                              Chicago Tribune Chicago, IL 12/9/20

Need Their Help                                                                      Kansas City Star  Kansas City, MO 12/9/20

COVID relief w/o delay, not SOCTUS nomination     Deseret News  Salt Lake City, UT 9/24/2020

Any Pandemic Relief Bill Must Help Poor Countries St. Louis Post-Dispatch St. Louis, MO 8/14/2020

Pass a Package                                                                       Southern Illinoisan  Carbondale, IL 8/12/20 

We need global effort to fight COVID-19                      Columbia Missourian  Colombia, MO 7/21/20

Global Pandemic Needs Global Response                Joplin Globe  Joplin, MO 7/21/20 

Reach Further                                                                         Kansas City Star  Kansas City, MO 5/20/20 

Showing Love and Kindness                                             Jewish Light  St. Louis, MO 4/30/20

We should increase SNAP                                                  St. Louis American, St. Louis, MO 4/29/20

Protect, expand SNAP benefits                                       Joplin Globe   Joplin, MO 4/26/20

Now is the time for legislators to support...                 Missourian  Columbia, MO 4/9/20

Immunization budget needs help in Congress        Joplin Globe   Joplin, MO 2/17/20​

Hawley deserves praise for backing nutrition bill    Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 11/26/19
Urging Schakowksy to Support the Global Fund     Champion  Morton Grove, IL 11/14/19

House Resolution 189                                                          West Newsmagazine  St. Louis, MO 11/11/19

Proposals support maternal/child nutrition                IndyStar  Indianapolis, IN 10/31/19

Christianity compels us to help those in need          Fargo Forum   Fargo, ND 10/29/19 

The antidote for complacency is action                     Cap Times   Madison, WI 10/6/19

All lawmakers are needed to combat gun violence Post Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 9/18/19

Needed: Renters Tax Credit                                              St. Louis American  St. Louis, MO 7/2/19

Renters need affordable housing                                  Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 6/27/19

Lawmakers should join the fight against TB             Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 2/28/19

The Good Fight                                                                       Star  Kansas City, MO 2/25/19

Lawmakers lead the way to fight TB                           Missourian  Columbia, MO 2/25/19

U.S. should provide its share to fund                            Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 12/14/18 

Suburban moms can do more                                       Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 7/9/18

Help Mothers                                                                         Star  Kansas City, MO 6/12/18

Reach Every Mother and Child Act                              Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 12/6/17

Children's education & health go hand in hand      Post-Dispatch  St. Louis, MO 11/19/17

Losing Head Start makes the sequester scary      Washington Post  Washington D.C. 5/9/13

Farm Bill a Mixed Blessing                                               Washington Times Washington D.C. 5/22/08

Children in Poverty: There is no excuse                     New York Times   New York City, NY 2/22/08

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