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Cynthia has delivered presentations and workshops for organizations including PTA, The World Bank, CARE, the ONE Campaign, the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign, and RESULTS. She speaks on a variety of topics including empowerment of women and mothers, citizen engagement, global health, and poverty. 

See below or download her speaker sheet for descriptions of her most popular keynote speeches and workshops along with testimonials.

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"Cynthia is a dedicated and fierce leader! I’ve seen her rally groups lobbying at conferences, expertly navigate virtual hill days and be an all out rockstar. One of my favorite moments with Cynthia was when she spoke at a CARE event with her daughter. Her seeds planted in the next generation of fearless leaders was an inspiration and incredible asset to cultivating leaders and agents for change."

Jasmine Payne

Congressman John R. Lewis Social Justice Fellow at U.S. House of Representatives 

“Cynthia uses her personal story and her journey as a mom and advocate to illustrate how one individual can make a real difference in the lives of people around the world, how one mom can affect the lives of millions of moms through perseverance and advocacy.”

Martha Rebour

Executive Director, UN Foundation’s Shot@Life Campaign

“Cynthia has channeled her passion for children, moms, and families into her advocacy and has become a leader and inspiration. She has a human approach to everything she does—she demonstrates that creating change starts with creating relationships, whether that be with one’s family, community, or members of Congress.”

Ken Patterson

Director of Global Grassroots Advocacy at RESULTS

“We were lucky to have Cynthia present to ONE Campaign activists at the 2023 ONE Power Summit, our gathering of top volunteers from across the US in Washington, DC. She was a great speaker, and shared her practical tips from her many years as a volunteer organizer for advocating with intention and to maximize impact. She was an important validator for our volunteers, and hit home the important point that no matter where you are coming from your voice and story has power, and there is a community around you that you can tap into and mobilize. She worked with the planning team to tie in her remarks to the rest of the programming, and as a great tee-up for our advocacy and organizing training.”

Charlie Harris

Senior Director of

Membership Mobilization, The ONE Campaign 

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