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Shot@Life Advocacy: Meet Your Representative

A video blog demonstrating how to get ready for a meeting with your representative's office. Cynthia walks through tips for scheduling the meeting, preparing materials, and even dressing for success! 


RESULTS: Group Role, Media Point Person

What is it like to be a Media Point Person for a RESULTS group? Hear from Cynthia Changyit Levin about her experience.

Day 3 Uganda: Cindy Levin

Cynthia reports her perspective on a trip to the field in rural Uganda with Shot@Life to visit UNICEF Uganda programs providing vaccines and access to other family health needs. 

Calling Congress Easier Than Baking a Cake

Cynthia and her pre-schooler demonstrate how easy calling Congress can be. You can even make a birthday cake at the same time!

Calling Congress From Candyland

Cynthia calls Congress to protect U.S. nutrition programs while playing Candyland with her pre-schooler

Congress Critters Lobby Day Strategy    

Cynthia and her daughters strategize the scheduling logistics of a day on Capitol Hill using Calico Critters toys to represent teams of advocates and members of Congress. 

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