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“For more than seven years, Cynthia was a strong voice in my community

speaking out in partnership with people living in poverty. Involved

constituents like her are invaluable assets to our policymakers. With so

many pressing demands in Washington and our state capitals, persistent voices like Cynthia’s help drive positive change. Her book can help grow a movement of powerful moms!


I have enjoyed watching Cynthia and the RESULTS Chicago team work their magic. These volunteer activists are always prepared with stories and information needed to make informed decisions about policies impacting the lives of real people. I remember that she even brought her young children to meetings with her until they became advocates themselves! I’ve come to consider her a friend. Cynthia’s methods of activism are the gold standard of citizen engagement and this book is a must-read for anyone looking to get more involved!”

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky

“I’ve always believed that mothers make the best advocates: we’re efficient and effective and we’re passionate about the safety of our communities. Moms Demand has shown how a movement of mothers and allies working together can influence local and national policies. Levin shares some of those stories and offers clear instructions for impactful actions, so everyone can join in and make the world a better place.”

Shannon Watts

Founder, Moms Demand Action

“From Changing Diapers to Changing the World is an important, engaging,

empowering book that can help transform concerned moms into

powerful advocates. Cynthia Levin breaks down the steps of effective

advocacy in an engaging manner, accessible even to people just starting

out. Her approach to working with members of Congress will be welcome

to moms exhausted or intimidated by political bickering. She tells readers what we at MomsRising have always known: Moms are powerful activists in the fight to improve family economic security, stop discrimination against women and moms, and build a nation where businesses and families can thrive.”

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Executive Director/CEO & Co-Founder,

MomsRising Together & MomsRising Education Fund

“As a parent of three daughters, I’ve said countless times that there should

be a rule book for how to do this. The phrase ‘WonderMom’ is used to

cover all manner of excuses why my wife ends up doing everything. While she might raise an eyebrow if I handed this book to her, I think

she’d devour it and give it to her friends.”

Sean Astin

Actor, “Goonies,” “Rudy,” “Stranger Things,” and “Lord of the Rings” trilogy

Host, Vox Populi political podcast

“This is it. This is the book that awakens moms to our abilities to make our children’s world the best we can imagine.


Even before I met her, Cynthia had become a trusted advocate

through her ongoing thoughtful communication. Much of my legislation

is informed by advocates like Cynthia, real people who provide their stories, concerns, and ideas.


Her book combines warm hugs with laugh-out-loud relatable moments and a clear roadmap for channeling your strength and power. Cynthia will help you navigate the pathway to advocacy so you can join a movement (not bowel-related) and change the world for the better.”

MO Senator Jill Schupp

“Levin has created a powerful roadmap and inspirational memoir for mom activists and change-agents. She shares how moms can come together to create transformational change in the world, while role modeling and

powerfully bonding with their children in the process. I have seen her put these lessons into action as an advocate for the global humanitarian

organization CARE and I know, first-hand, that she perfectly embodies

the values and the lessons of this terrific book.”

Michelle Nunn

President and CEO of CARE USA

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